Shower Remodel Tips and Advice

Shower Remodel

When you’re planning a bathroom renovation, perhaps the most difficult decisions will be the ones regarding what you’re going to do with your shower. While you might want to spend hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars on a full-on remodel, sometimes a more modest upgrade will do the trick. While you’ll have to consider the cost of plumbing, electrical, and all the other upgrades you need for a full renovation, perhaps a simple shower remodel Seattle is all that’s needed to give your bathroom a facelift. There are several tips for doing just that.


If you’re going for a more modest update, consider whether or not your shower remodel should include walk-in showers. Even if your bathroom design already has a shower, it may look outdated if it’s got no shower doors. Walk-in showers let you set up to get in and out without stepping over wet or slippery flooring. Some newer models have glass doors, which make the shower experience safer and more pleasant. However, older glass doors may not be as resistant to water damage, so if this is an important part of your renovation plan, look for a model that’s made of sturdier, more durable material.


You’ll also need to decide whether you’re going to replace your tile, paint, or both. If you decide to use new fixtures, such as porcelain tiles in your shower walls, then replacing the tiles can be a relatively inexpensive upgrade. However, if you’re going for a fresh clean look with no porcelain tiles, painting the walls may be your best bet.


Even if your bathroom remodel isn’t particularly elaborate, there will still likely be some issues you’ll need to address. For example, if you’re replacing your plumbing, you’ll need to find a plumber with experience handling bathroom plumbing. It’s a good idea to ask friends or family members who’ve recently undertaken a bathroom remodel for their recommendations. A plumber who charges by the hour or even the day should be able to give you a quote based on the type of work you need done and the schedule you’re looking for. You should get at least three quotes for any major project like this.


Once you have your quote, it’s time to decide what kind of update you’d like to accomplish in your bathroom. If you’re replacing your tile, then using peeling tile or a different kind of tile will give your shower walls a much fresher, newer look. Many homeowners choose to install a new faucet and sprayer fixture, as well as a chrome or stone faucet. These upgrades can be costly, but many homeowners who want to update their shower walls often find they’re willing to spend the extra money to get the look they want.


In addition to replacing tile, you might also consider changing your showerhead or adding a walk-in shower kit. Walk-in showers offer a more sanitary option than traditional shower heads because they require you to walk in the shower rather than standing up. They are usually more expensive than traditional showers, but they often offer a more luxurious experience and are more convenient if you have children or elderly relatives living with you. Some homeowners, however, still prefer the traditional showerhead. Whatever you decide, there’s no reason to put off your shower remodel. Whether you want to replace a tile, install a new showerhead, or add a walk-in shower kit, you’ll likely be very pleased with the results.